Secondary Faculty

Andrews, Nancy C.

Molecular processes governing normal iron balance and how iron balance is perturbed in iron deficiency, hemochromatosis and other iron diseases.

Armstrong, Andrew J.

Epithelial plasticity, prostate cancer metastasis, hormone signaling resistance, circulating and tissue based biomarkers of aggressive prostate cancer in patients and preclinical models.

Arshavsky, Vadim Y.

Signaling mechanisms in the visual system.

Becher, Oren

Oncogenic mechanisms in pediatric high-grade gliomas; role of histone mutations in gliomagenesis; genetic mouse models of glioma

Blobe, Gerard

The role of transforming growth factor beta in cancer biology and vascular biology.

Campbell, Jonathan

Identifying mechanisms governed by gut-derived peptides to control energy metabolism and glucose homeostasis in the context of obesity and diabetes

Chi, Jen-Tsan Ashley

Metabolic adaptation of tumor cells under microenvironmental stresses and nutrient deprivation.

Floyd, Scott

Epigenetic modifiers and effects on the DNA damage response.

Heitman, Joseph

Signal transduction cascades regulating differentiation of yeast and pathogenic fungi; nutrient sensing; mechanism of action of immunosuppressive antifungal drugs.

Herman, Mark

Nutrient-mediated regulation of transcriptional programs in cardiometabolic disease.

Hirschey, Matthew

Mitochondrial function and small metabolite regulation of nutrient metabolism by post-translational modifications.

Hong, Jiyong

Understanding of cell signaling pathways using chemical tools, in particular small molecules

Huang, Jiaoti

Pathobiology, biomarkers and therapeutics of prostate cancer.

Kirsch, David G.

Modeling cancer in the mouse and mechanisms of DNA damage response after radiation.

Kontos, Christopher

Molecular mechanisms of vascular remodeling in cardiovascular diseases, including tumor angiogenesis, with emphasis on signaling by endothelial receptor tyrosine kinases.

Kwatra, Madan M.

Cardiac G protein-coupled receptors and clinical proteomics.

Levin, Edward D.

Basic neurobiology of learning and memory, neurobehavioral toxicology and the development of novel therapeutic treatments for cognitive dysfunction.

Li, Chuan-Yuan

Novel roles of caspases in wound healing, tumor response to treatment, and epigenetic reprogramming.

Linardic, Corinne

Oncogenic mechanisms in the pediatric cancer rhabdomyosarcoma; role of PAX3-FOXO1 in rhabdomyosarcoma; modeling pediatric sarcomas from primary human cells.

MacIver, Nancie

Determining the effects of malnutrition and obesity on lymphocyte immunity and immunometabolism.

McNamara, James O.

Epilepsy; molecular studies of kindling; gene regulation by excitatory amino acid neurotransmitters.

Muoio, Deborah

The Muoio laboratory investigates metabolic and transcriptional networks that regulate skeletal muscle fuel homeostasis, with an emphasis on biochemical mechanisms that link obesity, abnormal lipid metabolism and physical inactivity to the development of whole-body and muscle insulin resistance.

Patierno, Stephen

Molecular diagnostics and development of new tumor imaging agents and protein biomarkers. The role of the host response and inflammation in cancer.

Patz, Edward

Molecular oncology, pharmacology and targeted experimental therapeutics. Genomics of cancer disparities, alternative splicing, and signaling pathways associated with tumor aggressiveness. Molecular carcinogenesis and cell death/survival signaling after DNA damage.

Ramanujam, Nimmi

Multi-disciplinary translational research program focused on the development of novel optical technologies for noninvasive or minimally invasive assessment of women's health and in particular, breast and cervical cancer.

Rao, Vasanth

Signaling mechanisms that regulate lens epithelial cell elongation and differentiation, and aqueous humor outflow through the trabecular meshwork pathway.

Sipkins, Dorothy

My laboratory studies how tumor-host cross talk within tissue microenvironments regulate cancer cell fate (metastasis, proliferation, dormancy and therapy evasion).

Spector, Neil

The fundamental role of the HER receptor signaling network in solid tumor oncogenesis and development of HER targeted therapeutic strategies.

Sullenger, Bruce

Translational research applications of RNA therapeutics.

Wechsler, Daniel S.

The role of perturbed endocytosis in the pathogenesis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML); studies of mouse models of leukemogenesis.

Yan, Hai

Cancer genomics, diagnosis, and therapy.