Christopher Counter, Ph.D.

Christopher CounterProfessor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

Duke University School of Medicine
Box 3813
Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919-684-9890

Research Interests

We study the molecular mechanisms underlying the process by which the oncogene Ras drives the tumorigenic process. Ras is the most commonly mutated oncogene in human cancer, yet it has so far defied being clinically inhibited. Correspondingly, the lab focuses on identifying new signaling pathways and ultimately druggable proteins used by Ras to promote cancer. In turn, we evaluate whether pharmacologic inhibition of such proteins inhibit cancer, with the goal of translating these findings into clinical trials.

Representative Publications

  1. Lim K-H*, Ancrile BB*, Kashatus DF* & Counter CM (2008) eNOS mediates tumour maintenance. Nature, 452: 646-50.
  2. Kashatus DF, Lim K-H, Brady DC, Pershing NLK, Cox AD & Counter CM (2011) RalA and RalBP1 regulate mitochondrial fission at mitosis. Nat Cell Biol, 13:1108-15.
  3. Lampson BL*, Kendall SD*, Ancrile BB*, Morrison MM, Shealy MJ, Barrientos KS, Crowe MS, Kashatus DF, White RR, Gurley SB, Cardona DM & Counter CM (2012) Targeting eNOS in pancreatic cancer. Cancer Res, 72:4472-82.
  4. Lampson BL, Pershing NLK*, Prinz JA*, Lacsina JR, Marzluff WF, Nicchitta CV, MacAlpine DM & Counter CM (2013) Rare codons affect KRas function. Curr Biol, 23:70-9. [PMC3567844]
  5. Brady DC, Crowe MS, Turski ML, Hobbs GA, Yao X, Chaikuad A, Knapp S, Xiao K, Campbell SL, Thiele DJ & Counter CM (2014) Copper is required for oncogenic BRAF signaling and tumorigenesis. Nature, 509:492-6. [PMID: 24717435]
  6. Huang L, Carney J, Cardona DM & Counter CM (2014) Decreased tumorigenesis in mice with a Kras point mutation at C118. Nat Comm, 5:5410.
  7. Pershing NLK, Lampson BL, Belsky JA, Kaltenbrun E, MacAlpine DM & Counter CM (2015) Rare codons capacitate Kras-driven de novo tumorigenesis. J Clin Invest, 125:222-233

*shared authorship